Thank you very much for visiting the Ship for World Youth Leaders (SWY) Official Website. SWY is an exceptional international youth exchange program for the young leaders of the world, sponsored by the Cabinet Office of the Japanese Government.


What’s SWYAA?

SWYAA International promotes and supports the spirit of leadership towards achieving cross-cultural understanding, international cooperation and world peace developed during the SWY and its succeeding programs.

Global Assembly

International Reunion, which was held at a port of call on the SWY program route, was reformed into SWYAA Global Assembly from 2007. Any active SWYAA is given an opportunity to hold an annual Global Assembly, which is not merely an international reunion for the ex-PYs, but also a forum to discuss about post-program activities and how to promote social contribution activities locally and internationally. Conference for Post-Program Activities is an opportunity for the participants to understand about the activities taking place in different countries, and also to share the outcomes.

SWY News

This is an in-house paper published annually in English, focusing specifically on the post-program activities of the SWY program and its succeeding programs. Regardless of whether one is Japanese or an overseas participant, alumni from the previous 10 programs, as well as subscribers receive this paper. SWY News is filled with articles on details of post-program activities in various countries, a report of the SWYAA Ex-PY Conference proceedings, and the latest news of ex-PYs from all over the world.

Country Reports

Each SWYAA is obliged to summarize their social contribution activities that they organized in respective countries and submit their annual report.


This annual conference is sponsored by the Cabinet Office, the Japanese Government, and is attended by SWYAA representatives. The purpose of this conference is to exchange information on the development of post-program activities, as well as the structure and depth of each country’s SWYAA, which provide the foundation for such activities. An additional objective of the conference is to have discussions to develop an international network of holistic ties between each country and the IYEO in Japan. Basically, participants discuss how the SWYAA network can be used in activities for the betterment of society, future directions of post-program activities, and how ex-PYs can contribute to the programs.


SWYAA International provides materials that can be used for promotion of the SWY program and also for the preparation training for the National Leaders and Participating Youth.